Bluetooth Headphones 5.0 True Wireless Earbuds Auto Pairing with Built in Mic and Portable Charging Case

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  • Turn On: 1.The earphones are auto turned on after being taken out of the charging bin (ie, the red and blue lights flash alternately, the earphones are successfully paired, and one of them is turned off) 2. Manually press and hold the left and right buttons of the earphone for 3 seconds untill the red and blue lights flash .(Note: Because the charging bin will be in the standby state for a long time, the charging bin will be out of power, but the earphone can still be used normally, just turn it on manually. If this happens, please follow the above 2 steps to start it manually.)
  • Bluetooth pairing: Double-click any of the earphone buttons, the earphones are paired by themselves, and the prompt light is: double-click the function key to turn off ,and the other side flashes red and blue.(Note: The products have been paired at the factory. If you cannot pair them yourself, please follow the above steps to manually pair) From the Bluetooth list of the mobile phone, find the corresponding Bluetooth name TWS click connection pairing. After about 3 seconds, the voice prompts the connection successfull, and the left and right ears do not flash, the connection is successful. If the same mobile phone is used again, only the booting earphone and the mobile phone will automatically complete the connection pairing operation. For the other mobile phone, the above matching step meeds to be repeated.
  • Charging instructions: When the charging box is charging, the red light flashes, and when it's full, the red light is on. When the charging box is charging the earphone, the blue light is always on, the red light of the earphone is always on, and all the lights are off after being fully charged.
  • Turn off: It can be auto turned off after being placed in the charging compartment, or you can manually press any button on the left and right ears to shut down.
  • Call mode: When the earphone is turned on and connected to the phone, double-click the earphone button to wake up the SiRi, and the two earphones work at the same time.When an incoming call is made, the voice prompts the caller number, and the left and right earphones are free to click the button to answer /hang up, and long press to reject the call.
  • Listening to music: When the earphone is turned on and connected to the phone, click the earphone button to play / pause during the music process. During the music playback, long press to play the next music. Double click to wake up Siri.
Model:TWS4 Version:5.0 Input:DC5V Battery capacity:3.7V/50mAh Playing time:2.5-3H Charging Time:40-50 minutes
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