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Every Family Only Needs One Santa Claus

The long-awaited Christmas is finally time to sit down with family and friends and talk about our happy times. The holidays are approaching,and my mind is no longer on work. I am worrying about the Christmas gift list, and she has already started making travel plans. All right! Just once a year! I often complained about the long bills and the endless promotional emails, but the moment I entered the house, the children were running and playing, and she still understood me so well... everything was relieved!

The Christmas gift list is still achievable! My worn-out speakers should also be replaced, and I promised to install a protective case and stand for the children’s iPad. From the living room to the bedroom, I always feel bad every time it falls. She is always so easily satisfied, and apart from feeling gratified, I will definitely go all out to support her travel plans. You really should have a mobile phone power bank, a car charger, and a skiing project during travel, so you have to buy a mobile phone anti-slip case..

I often question? Is every man the Santa Claus of his home?

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